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The Cool Car Club is an informal group of automobile enthusiasts, sharing their passion!

The Cool Car Club of Saratoga and Los Gatos was started in the Spring of 2009 when Tiger Teerlink struck up a conversation with another car enthusiast driving a vintage Corvette, at a local Orchard Supply Hardware parking lot. Tiger got his two sons, Trevor and Cody involved and these 2 fathers and their sons put their heads together and started emailing their friends who had cool cars of all types, to join them on Thursday nights at a well known spot in Los Gatos. Today they meet in Saratoga near the 76 Gas Station.

We picked that spot because it was visible to the general public and there is plenty of parking. Today the car owners bring their cars, and other people come to check out the cars. The Cool Car Club of Saratoga and Los Gatos has gathered about 100 members and is a place where one generation meets another on common ground. Today’s kids not only like the '60s and '70s music (they know the words and can sing along on most beach boys songs) but they like the cars from that era too! All “cool cars” regardless of age, make and model are acceptable. So, join today by calling Tiger Teerlink at 408.828.9614

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